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14 days ago • ☕ Unpaid Intern

18mos ago, this resume came across my desk… Experience: None Education: None References: None Even after reviewing CVs for 250+ qualified candidates, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. 😶‍🌫️ So I setup an interview. He arrived in an Uber 49 minutes late, in Crocs with slacks and a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ t-shirt. 4m into the interview, I asked what made him apply for the job. His reply: “My step-grandmother died of tuberculosis last year and left me her 9 cats and 6 children. I came down with COVID the following month and lost my depth perception but recovered, only to fall leaving the hospital – cracking my skull in 12 places. Doctors told me I’d be a vegetable [his words NOT mine]. After 67 surgeries and 8 months in the hospital, my wife left me, took the GoFundMe money, and the stolen credit cards we’d been living on. I had to surrender the children and the cats, and was left with nothing. My only work experience is noodling for catfish at my Uncle Ernie’s country carnival as a kid, but I know if I can get through what I’ve gotten through in the past year, I can get through anything. I just need a chance.” His story touched the depths of my soul, so I gave him his chance. 💔💔💔 Now, while the rest of my team pulls the extra weight, he’s gainfully employed and I can sleep at night knowing I did my part. 👏👏👏 #sayyes #takechances #effthestatusquo


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Like a Nicaraguan herbal deodorant, he will not let you down


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