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20 days ago β€’ πŸ’° CEO

Queen Elizabeth has just passed away. Please be mindful when interacting with your UK colleagues. It is impossible to fully comprehend the role the Queen and the monarchy play in British daily life. She in many ways is central to their identity and this will hit many people very hard. If you have meetings or interactions planned with vendors or colleagues in the UK, anticipate cancellations or initiate them yourselves if it isn't essential. Many have already signed off for the week and may not sign in until the end of the month. This is an opportunity for us as an internet community to walk in empathy and be there for them, even if it means stepping aside while they mourn. To everyone in the UK, we are mourning with you. She will not be forgotten. To my manager at Arby's, I'm going to need the rest of the month off to deal with this anxiety I feel on behalf of the people in the UK, no cap.

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She’s just sleeping. Someone should try kissing her. I’ve seen this in lots of movies.


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