Loki “Funnel Enhancer” Attorney-at-Law

84 Candy Cane Plz. • ShlinkedIn.com 

Executive Director with a weird vibe and 12 picoseconds of experience. #AgeismInTheWorkplace

Work Experience


Mama’s Golden Child

• Mostly solved riddles.


Soy Boy

• Explored the caverns of Borneo, but upon discovering the golden idol was missing, I learned that friendship was the real treasure all along.

Another Meal Prep Startup

Soy Boy

• Optimized SEO for top 10 business tips near you


BS from Bezos School of Space Flight

Major: Cole’s Law Studies

GPA: 3.5


sharing my cool idea for a personal computation device with my friend young Bill Gates, when I was showing Jimi Hendrix some cool guitar licks he could use (one became “Purple Haze”)


a boy scout

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