Panther Martonk

497 Appletree Drive • 

Honored Analyst with the sharpest teeth you’ve ever seen and 15 seconds of experience. #VeganRecipes #ChickpeaFlour

Work Experience

Watts Electric

Sales Guru

• Honestly I’m still not sure what this company did but they kept paying me and telling me to ‘keep quiet’



• Harassed prospects until they paid me to leave them alone

Anthony’s #1 Business Consulting Firm in Secaucus New Jersey

Product Manager Manager

• Optimized SEO for top 10 business tips near you


BS from The Enron School of Business

Major: Neuro Science

GPA: 2.3


teaching amputee puppies how to sing, preparing soup for the homeless after my shift at the neurosurgery factory as a doctor


a WeWork development intern

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