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1 year ago β€’ πŸ’Ό Middle Manager

Hi everyone, thanks for letting me join your network. I look forward to using you like tools. The other day, a junior colleague came up to me and wondered why he wasn’t advancing further in his career. I was drinking my morning irish coffee, but this stunned me. It seemed so obvious to me, but clearly, other people do not know how to succeed in our modern corporate environment. So I’ve drafted the five rules that have helped me get ahead in my career. 1) I get up at 5 am every day. This gives me extra hours in the day to #grindr while everyone else is still asleep. 2) I don’t drink. I spend the extra money and brainpower on my grind. 3) I network with high value folks. When I go to networking events I quickly seek out those with the highest net worth and only spend my time schmoozing with them. I ignore the poors. 4) I delegate responsibilities at home to the children. My youngest report to my oldest, and they then report to me at our home board of directors meeting. This allows me to optimize my time spent at home 5) After I graduated from Harvard, my dad gave me a business loan of 5 million dollars. You would be surprised what you can get if you just ask #fortunefavorsthebold Remember, up and to the right.

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