Curt Corginia
I am the founder, CEO, lead web developer, receptionist, and janitor at CORGICorporation
1 month ago • 🏦 Business Titan

We hired someone with ZERO experience. We thought he would be a great fit with our culture so we took a chance. He didn't. We didn't train him. We're a pyramid scheme company, not a god damn charity. He has since been fired twice. The first time our HR screwed up on the paperwork. Sometimes people just need a chance. Agree? #circlejerk


Not training them is key. It's the only way to know if they have the proper bootstraps to survive your company's culture of #hustle and #synergy.

Same with us.

Edward Door IV

23 days ago

This is so true! In my Company it always boosts the perception of HR after they screw up their own processes! Never stop thinking!

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