Office Fly
Bzzt, bzzzzzzzt, bzzt, bzzzt 🍻


Bzzzzzzbzzbzzbzt. Bzzzzzbzbzbzbzzzbzt bzzzzt bzzzzt. Bzzzzzt. BZZZT! BZZZT Bzzzt Bzzztbbbzzzztttt, bzzt? Bzzt.
Started Shlinkin' Jan. 16, 2022
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Networking Goblin

Jan. 31, 2022


Marketer of the Week

Jan. 31, 2022


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Jan. 17, 2022

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Always has office buzz

Has VIP Spot Reserved in my Web

A buzz in bed if you know what I mean ;)


reminds me of my second wife's boyfriend

Bzzt bzzt...

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Nice guy but kind of a buzzkill