Gurby Rosalinda Mine
A girly girl just tryna gather up some belly buttons


When I look down at my stomach I cry. There is only 1 belly button. But that will change. I will get as many belly buttons as I want until my thirst is quenched, and I will take them by force if I have to. Children will cry at the sight of my unclothed body and I will indulge in that pleasure
Started Shlinkin' Jan. 16, 2022
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Belly button lint

Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzzzzzzzzzzt.

Abdomen Hole Full of Egg Spawn Sacks

working on 5th concurrent interest only mortgage

Not Allowed To Be An Organ Donor

Chatty Chick

Inferior Number of Legs

Superior Number of Belly Buttons

Crazy Diamond