Mateo Tinklewitz
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Let's not pissfart around here. You want "soft" skills? Here we learn real skills. None of these I-just-saw-a-video-give-me-a-certificate-please-so-I-can-put-it-on-my-profile-so-I-can-show-all-my-namby-pamby-connections-I'm-the-greatest-synergizing-stakeholdering-productivising-managering-asswipe-this-side-of-the-HR-desk. NO, son, you can not have one - pull yourself up by your faux-leather jackboots and just listen to me for once in your damned life.

I also like cross-stitch.

Started Shlinkin' Jul. 27, 2021
Career Progression: β˜• Unpaid Intern
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Amazingly soft skin

The coarse skin of a sailor


Skin peels a lot

Tinklewitz !== Tinky winky

Has terrible bingo wings


Excellent Flesh Surface for Crawling Upon

Very Popular πŸ˜‰