Dave from Accounting
I know all the numbers. I use Excel alot.


I've gone places and done things. Some things I can't discuss. I've forgotten how to use software that were 'state of the art' before you graduated from Elementary School. I'm really good at drinking coffee. If I'm not putting numbers into little boxes, you can find me by the coffee machine bragging to interns about all the floppy disks and CD-ROMS I have of pirated software. Always looking for new opportunities to drink coffee.

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Fixing spreadsheets

Dabbing up the coffee drips with your tie

Nice guy

Mediocre at Self Promotion.

Hides our faults during earnings

Cooking the books

Finding tactical solutions to strategic problems.

Doesn't fuck up my coffee order too often

Wears corduroy pants only on fridays.

Making a mean alcoholic beverage

DFAS Double-Entry Ledger Contest, March, 1971 1st

Ideal face to crawl on

money scented bath bombs

Always shares data in PDF format

number gimnastics

Knows how to look busy

Product Featured in ShlinkedIn Digest #35

Very Popular 😉