Tim Spatchcock
Director of senior expertise


Since first discovering the extent of his own charm and expertise, Tim has been holistically energising organisations all over the local universe, effectively closing any gains from outside of the environment and inhibiting a more relaxed authentication hemisphere, often resulting in a particular services exchange above and beyond the executive decision layer.

Started Shlinkin' Sep. 5, 2021
Career Progression: πŸ’΅ Paid Intern
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    Bain Capital Key Asset Runner Up

    Nov. 8, 2021


    Marketer of the Week

    Sep. 6, 2021

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Elbows. Amazing elbow usage.

Underwater Smoking (without facemask)

Making omelettes without breaking eggs

Making omelettes (only 1 egg broken)

Cow hoof entrepreneur

Expert poultry preparation.

Has the ability to fit in most tight spaces

Holistic Mouthbreathing


phenomenal pathfinding

Money Hunter


SeΓ±or Expertise

Arachnophobic Agitator in the Workplace

Creative use of lavatory paper


Has a nice shed

A very large spatch.