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Started Shlinkin' Jul. 3, 2021
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    Marketer of the Week

    Jan. 17, 2022


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    Jan. 3, 2022


    Marketer of the Week

    Oct. 18, 2021


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    Aug. 23, 2021


    Bain Capital Key Asset Runner Up

    Aug. 16, 2021

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Network over kids ftw

Vehicular Manslaughter Magazine's Man of the Year

Never tips the bartender

I saw him kill a deer from 6 clicks

Nopes 40 under 40.

Being the best disciple

brave and honest man

Nice Watch



Not actually my face

Funding the Trots

Most unsecure cellar

easy on the eyes

Does Not Win Trophies


Can't even manage Butter

Changed my game, but also gamed my change.

Listens well even with closed eyes

Inspired About A Hundred Thousand Inventions

Reminds me of my Brether's Son Tom

Inventive Son