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Brand Surgeon. Storyteller. Mantraprenuer.
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Apr. 11, 2022


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Apr. 4, 2022


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Mar. 14, 2022


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Feb. 14, 2022


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Feb. 7, 2022


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Sep. 20, 2021


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Sep. 13, 2021


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Aug. 31, 2021


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Aug. 16, 2021


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Aug. 9, 2021


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Jun. 22, 2021


Jun. 18, 2021

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Will probably cause armageddon in some ad campaign

Ad King

Hamster Fiddler

Ad Ninja, Samurai, Shinobi, Rockstar, Guru

Bestest at words

Monetizing money


In the top 27 candidates for executive position.

Plunging neckline

Drinks a lot of Sunny D

2021 Cannes Golden Lion Winner

Brand Surgeoned

Pulitzer Prize for Literature Nominee

Capital Outflow

Surgeon general (disgraced)

Drug user of the month nobel laureate

Mentioned in ShlinkedIn Digest #33

Not Arachnophobic

Mentioned in ShlinkedIn Digest #34

Capital Chap

Loyal to friends

Bonk cultivator

Fantastic ads that caused an argument at home


Adding value to ads

FiXeD mY ThInKiNg, ExCeLlEnT bRaInD sTuRgEoN

Inferior Number of Legs

Survivor of Workplace Ageism

Amiable Entrepreneur


Sold Out

Soul-ed Out

Friend of the Admiral

Featured in ShlinkedIn Digest #62

Observant, adaptive, professional.