Elizabeth Anne Holmes
Star of "U.S. v. Elizabeth Holmes, et al."


4/11 Counts of Boss Babe, Founder @ SKINJY AR [Skincare & Marketing Firm], Influencer @ Optical Bitcoin Blockchain, CEO/CFO/COO/CIO/CTO/CDO Pfizer-BioNTech & Ex-Theranos Executive

Started Shlinkin' Aug. 20, 2021
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Most Influential Person in the World

Top Spinster


Ahead of the (regulatory) curve

Unpaid endorsement, wink!!

fantastic conversationalist

Straight up hustler

Gullible: will do things for $$

Sexy back hair

Like a Mother to me.


Richard Branson

Casa Bonita Influencer

At least she's not that Theranos lady

Warren Buffett

Kate McKinnon is playing her in a Hollywood film.


Horse Hustler🐴





Situational Awareness

Series H financing

Milking specialist

Really likes handbags.

Extremely generous while shopping

Backend hustler

Feminine Power

Can handle any big business you throw at her!

Inspirational Leader

Voice modification

Girl Genius

Men wear dresses too

Prick...of Blood

has good taste

Great voice acting

Quality Blood Delivery A+++

Webex Technician

Deep voice


Knows Several Words



Definitely not Botox


Black Turtleneck Entrepreneurs Social Club™️

Can see the light

Great customer of the legal industry

Who needs science or facts? Trump was president.

Rarely charged with crimes.

Best Business Person of the Year

Mentioned in ShlinkedIn Digest #35

BEST conjugal slam in the slammer

#thought leader

Nicest Red Hat


Convicted Felon

Count of Monte Christo

Nice Abs

Best baritone and turtleneck pairing.

Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship

Inferior Number of Legs

Friend of the Admiral

Disgraced Founder

Tech Fraudster


Very trustworthy #girlboss

🤝 Does every single thing she says it's all true 🤝

Would trust with the syrup in my veins

"Endorse me", she said, eating chips.

Can deliver, only if she wants to

Queen of poison

Jimmy Buffet

Best night of my life